Формост Россия, компания

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Формост Россия, компания

We are a Represenative office of Candian company that manufactures specialized equipment for oil & gas industry. The company is well known in the Russian market. We have energetic and effective team aimed at achieving results. 

What is Foremost?

Foremost is one of the largest, most geographically diverse industrial manufacturers in Western Canada, specializing in oil & gas, heavy oil, mining, waterwell and construction equipment. With more than 640,000 square feet of manufacturing space and over 1000 employees across Alberta, Foremost is well positioned to meet and exceed clients’ expectations.


A History of Performance & Innovation

Since 1965, the Foremost name has been associated with our remarkable line of off-road tracked and wheeled vehicles. Early innovations like the Nodwell 110, developed in the Canadian Arctic in the 1960s, set Foremost on the road to success. Foremost vehicles are in operation around the globe moving people, supplies and equipment across some of the most difficult terrain imaginable. For over fifty years Foremost has been a leading manufacturer, innovating solutions for the resource industry. Also Foremost equipment is represented and well known in Russia for over 40 years.


Foremost is a world-class company that leverages its excellence in engineering and production to consistently deliver functional and reliable products to the agreed specification, performance, price and delivery. Foremost prides itself on manufacturing to the highest quality standards. Stringent manufacturing procedures allow Foremost to produce high quality Canadian products. Quality programs include API, ISO, ASME, CWB among others.

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