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ООО Рискалис Восток 

RISKALIS CONSULTING is a specialized risk advisory and consulting firm offering services to corporate client. Our business purpose is based on a strong work expertise in the sphere of audit and risk management (Basel II, Solvency II, and Internal audit) whether it impacts markets, credits or is operational. We provide our clients with technical advice on risk analysis and management issues and with the installation and optimization of risk management tools in both the banking and insurance sectors.

The activity of RISKALIS CONSULTING evolves around the following actions:
  • Organizational consulting and auditing
  • Operational risk management
  • Regulatory consulting and compliance (prudential and internal control)
  • Project organization and management
RISKALIS CONSULTING has also dealt with some industrial and environmental risk encountered in
manufacturing businesses. Its network includes worldwide partners currently involved on major projects, and who contribute to strengthen our expertise in risk management.
RISKALIS CONSULTING escorts its international clients in compliance with risk regulation in the whole of the European Union as well as in the Eastern European countries, notably in Russia, in the Middle East and Africa.
RISKALIS VOSTOK, is the Russian subsidary located in Moscow. Opened in February 2008 RISKALIS VOSTOK support and answers Rusian and CIS clients.
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